Launch a Mumble Server for Free!

Whats this?

VoicePacket was quickly created to provide temporary Mumble servers during the COVID-19 pandemic. All servers are created with default settings out of the box. 100 slots, SuperUser access, etc. for absolutely free of charge.

Even if our servers are temporary, you may renew them up to 7 days per each renewal!

Near-future plans for VoicePacket

  • Shift from temporary to permanent Mumble server. Free of charge. No bullshit.
  • Default settings out of the box.
  • Custom control panel
  • Custom subdomain or use your own domain. SSL/TLS certificate ON by default
  • And much more..

If you have anything on your heart, feel free to contact me via email: [email protected] or @Ekiminator on Twitter.

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