VoicePacket offers free and private Mumble channels and servers for clans, groups and friends. Both channels and servers are permanent. You’ll keep your channel / server as long as you need it.

If you need a low latency and a lightweight on resources solution for your gaming communication, conference or whatever you need communications for, you are in the right place.

What is Mumble? 

Who are you?

VoicePacket is a hobby project run by two guys, Emil and Hunter. We like games and playing with hardware and software. Even though VoicePacket is a hobby, we have tested months on provider stability and network quality to make sure vital communications doesnt fail in the middle of a raid. In case shit hits the fan, we’ve got 24h on-call system to alert us of a problem.

How can you provide a service for free?

Mumble is very lightweight on resources, even on the serverside. Rather than buying a dedicated machine to run servers from, we utilize VPSses which are cheaper to run. We pay all expenses from our own pockets. After all, this is a hobby that we are passionate about.